Eats spills. Kills germs. Swallows odours.

Ahh.. You’ve dropped something. Or it’s leaked. Maybe the dog is to blame again. Or the baby’s nappy exploded. Eurghhhh… sound familiar? Worry not, the Spill Monster is here!

Spill Monster is an incredible, ground breaking solution to this recurring problem that has caused predicaments in homes and the workplace for years. 

Simply sprinkle Spill Monster absorbent powder over the spill, mix it in with a brush and then sweep or vacuum it up. It really is as easy as that.

The Spill Monster

This super absorbent powder is your emergency savior! 

It quickly contains and cleans up any spill in a flash! Spill Monster prevents contamination, stains and nasty falls before they get chance to happen. You can thank us later! 

Developed by our amazing chemists, the Spill Monster eats up all spilled liquids (except hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid. But let’s be honest, if you mess around with such liquids, you have much bigger problems on your hands).

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  • Foods & drinks

  • Flood Water

  • Salt water

  • Vomit

  • Blood

  • All faeces

  • Oils

  • Chemicals

  • Glue

  • Petrol & diesel

See the Spill Monster in action!

  • Removes the bad odour of a spill by removing the spill fully

  • 10x Absorption - Clean up 5ltr of spill or 50x for liquids like water

  • Non-combustable - That's right, a fireproof monster!

  • We don't advise eating it, but if you did, it won't harm you

  • Antibacterial, killing 99.99% of all bad stuff

  • Once absorbed, leaves a dry, anti-slip surface

  • Contains no bleach so will not stain surfaces

  • Formulated, born and bred here in the UK

How much for this Spill Monster superhero?

Seems too good to be true doesn’t it? An absorbent powder in a handy tub that you can sprinkle on ANY spill and then simply sweep or vacuum up and voila it’s gone! No mess, no odour and best of all no need for multiple products, taking up valuable space under your kitchen sink. 

We know, you can’t wait to rush out try it for yourself! But don’t worry we we are here to help you out…

… you'd pay thousands for this wouldn't you? We won't even ask for hundreds. Or anywhere close to that. The retail price is only going to be £20. JUST £20 for the 500ml tub - enough absorbent powder to soak up over 5 litres of water, or more that 20 everyday spills. Bargain!

But that is the price in the shops. For ORDINARY people. And you are not ordinary. Not by a long shot. For someone special like you, the 500ml tub we are only asking £10. Yes, you heard that right… Only. Ten. British. Pounds is all it costs to get your hands on a Spill Monster of your own.

I know. We are very kind to you. But hey, what can we say - we love you. And we love knowing you are are safe with Spill Monster by your side to clean up everything life throws at you, or at your new carpet!

Don’t delay, buy your own Spill Monster today.

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