Let Spill Monster Granules tackle this yucky job

Do you need help with vomit-a-thon? Something that tackles the smell as well? Let Spill Monster take care of it the stress-free way. It's the best and quickest way to make those pesky pukes vanish!

How to clean vomit with Spill Monster

Spill Monster is the ultimate, revolutionary solution to tackling those gross piles of vomit and it’s disgusting smell. It’ll have you saying goodbye to the mess in no time!

Just grab the Spill Monster absorbent powder, sprinkle and get your mix on, then sweep or suck it up. Although it's a beast at getting rid of spills, the Spill Monster is still 100% safe for humans, pets, and aliens! It's the smart, simple, and stress-free way of tackling vomit like a pro.

  • Step 1 - Get ready for action

    Time to gear up! Grab your gloves, dustpan and brush, vacuum, and something to mix up them granules. You'll be ready to roll in no time.

  • Step 2 - Let the monster loose

    Wield the Spill Monster and let loose on those vomit piles. Unleash your inner monster and get rid of that nasty puke stench in no time!

  • Step 3 - Start mixing

    If you wanna get the job done right, don't wait around - get in there with your mixing tool and let those absorbent granules soak up that vomit!

  • Step 4 - Remove the mess

    Scoop or suck up all the granules and toss 'em in the trash where they belong! Not down the toilet - that would be a real disaster.

  • Step 5 - rinse or vacuum

    If on hard flooring rinse off the area with a non-toxic detergent like a boss and you're golden! If it's carpet, just give it a good vacuuming and you're all set. Easy peasy!

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