Oil spills are no match for Spill Monster

Don't let a pesky oil spill ruin your day. Let Spill Monster take care of it the easy way! This super absorbent powder is the quickest way to make oil spills disappear!

How to clean oil spills with Spill Monster

Spill Monster is an incredible, ground breaking answer to dealing with those accidental oil spills.

Put on your gloves, grab the Spill Monster, sprinkle and mix it in, then sweep or vacuum it up. Done and dusted! No more groaning when you make a mess - solve it like a pro with the Spill Monster absorbent granules!

  • Step 1 - Get Ready

    Put on your protective gear if you want to, like gloves, goggles, or a Halloween mask, or just go for it and take the plunge without them - the Spill Monster won't bite!

  • Step 2 - Spread Spill Monster

    Grab the Spill Monster and go to town on that oil spill! Show it who's boss and make it disappear!

  • Step 3 - Get Mixing

    Let the absorbent granules do their thing Or grab a spoon and start mixing!

  • Step 4 - Clean up

    Make sure to mix them up real good, then simply sweep up the granules and pop them in the bin.

  • Step 5 - Rinse and wipe

    And boom, you're done! All that's left to do is rinse off the area with a non-toxic detergent to get rid of any grease stains. Easy peasy!

See how easy the Spill Monster cleans oil

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